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We constantly ask ourselves how our esteemed audience can get insights that aren't available elsewhere. Our team ploughs throughs thousands of relevant data points & draws from our extensive coverage of the private markets across the region before crafting every session.

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Each year we bring together the top leaders, the movers and shakers of the private capital market in the related geographies & relevant sectors under an exclusive, premium event setting that facilitates deep connections and meaningful conversations.

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The LP View: How are asset allocators looking at the SEA opportunity?

  • Sunil Mishra, Partner, Adams Street Partners
  • Saima Rehman, Investment Officer, Disruptive Tech And Funds Group, IFC
  • Lay Hong Lee, Managing Director, Flexstone Partners
  • Michelle Teo, Senior Journalist & (former) Managing Editor, DealStreetAsia (Moderator)

Fireside chat: Capturing value in a downturn as private market valuations hit correction course

  • Jenny Lee, Managing Partner, GGV Capital
  • In conversation with Joji Thomas Philip, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, DealStreetAsia

Big Picture: Private Equity: The glory days are over. Or are they?

  • Kenneth Cheong, Partner, BPEA EQT
  • Sandeep Naik, Managing Director, Head of India & SE Asia, General Atlantic
  • Manish Kejriwal, Founder & Managing Partner, Kedaara Capital
  • Michael Woo, Managing Director, Primavera Capital Group
  • Nainesh Jaisingh, Founding Partner & CEO, Affirma Capital
  • Deepshikha Monga, Senior Editor, DealStreetAsia (Moderator)​

India and SEA – The two bright spots for VC investing amidst global turmoil?

  • Sachin Bhanot, Head of Investments, SE Asia, Prosus Ventures
  • Pinn Lawjindakul, Partner, Lightspeed
    Saemin Ahn, Partner, 500 Global, Southeast Asia
  • Sheetal Bhat, Vice-President, Catamaran
  • Vinay Singh, Co-founder & Partner, Fireside Ventures
  • Kristie Neo, Editor, VC (Southeast Asia), DealStreetAsia (Moderator)


Four Dedicated Summit Tracks


Private Equity & Investment Summit

Themes & trends: Fundraising and exit climate; attractive investment pockets in Asia; appetite for secondaries; the rise of private credit and more.

Featured speakers: Top private equity fund managers and investors from a broad spectrum of strategies including middle-market to buyouts to private credit.


Limited Partners (LP) Summit

Themes & trends: Allocation bias, portfolio rebalancing, LP-GP dynamics, risk-returns strategies, co-investments and directs.

Featured speakers: Top global LPs including pensions, fund-of-funds, DFIs, family offices, corporate LPs and more.


Venture Capital & Founders Summit

Themes & trends: Deployment strategies; Navigating fundraising and exits; Operating in a downcycle; business pivots and profitability metrics and more.

Featured speakers: Early to growth-stage venture capital firms along with founders and startup leaders.<


Climate Tech and ESG Summit

Themes and trends: Climate tech funding and outlook; sustainability-based investing; balancing impact with returns; capital allocations and bias and more.

Featured speakers: Leaders from impact investment firms, DFIs, LPs, GPs, climate tech startups and enterprises with ESG strategy.




Partner, Co-Head of Emerging Markets
Siguler Guff & Company
Managing Partner
Oriza FOFs
Hades Financial Private Capital Group
Senior Managing Director, Chief Investment Strategist & Head of Singapore
Founding Partner
Blauwpark Partners
Managing Director
Partners Group
Adams Street Partners
Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Founder and CEO
Tower Capital Asia
Co-Founder & Group CEO
Co-Head of Investments
K3 Ventures
Managing Director
Flexstone Partners
Managing Director and Head of Asia Private Equity
Neuberger Berman
Principal, Primary Investments
Founder and Managing Partner
MSA Capital
Managing Director, Head of Southeast Asia Private Equity
Warburg Pincus
Founder and Chairman
Emirates Family Office Association
General Partner
Turn Capital
Partner and Chief Executive Officer
3 Capital Partners
Senior Vice President, Head of Hong Kong Office
Founding Partner and CEO
Emerging Markets Investment Advisers
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Beyond the Billion & The Billion Dollar Fund for Women
Managing Partner
01Fintech Limited
CEO & Co-Founder
Arta Finance
Quadria Capital
Executive Director & Head of International Business
TH Capital International
Novo Holdings Equity Asia Pte Ltd
Founding Partner
August Global Partners
Founding Managing Partner
Blueprint Ventures
Founding Partner
India focused Early Stage VC
Co-founder & Managing Partner
Quadria Capital
Golden Vision Capital (Singapore)
Vice-Chairman and President
Kickstart Ventures, Inc
Managing Director and Investment Committee Member
Future Capital
Founder & Managing Partner
Rigel Capital

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Official Venue

Grand Copthorne Waterfront, Singapore

392 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169663




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Sachin Bhanot

This has been a wonderful two days of action-packed events. Fantastic sessions, very high-quality speakers. I think what DealStreetAsia does tremendously well is sort of distill current issues and trends and allow folks to discuss them in a sort of very intellectually honest environment. And on the sidelines as well, always excited about the networking.

Sachin Bhanot
Head of Investments, Southeast Asia & ANZ
Prosus Ventures
Saima Rehman

I think this year has been a turnout year. It looks like there’s a lot of networking going on outside the sessions whilst there are plenty of people inside the sessions. I think this year you guys have done a really good job in the four tracks you’ve had.

Saima Rehman
Investment Officer, Disruptive Technology & Funds Group, IFC
World Bank

I think that turnout is fantastic. It’s a great networking event, which is one of the reasons I wanted to come here. Spent a lot of my time networking. I’ve gone for a couple of the select sessions, which have been super interesting. 

Sarit Chopra
Bain Capital
Sunil Mishra, Partner, Adams Street Partners

This is bigger than last year and extremely well attended. And the speaker lineup is probably one of the best. The panel that we were on was great. There were extremely good questions. I think that’s probably one of the things that I liked the most. Great discussion and good to be here and look forward to being here next year.

Sunil Mishra
Adams Street Partners
Thomas Lanyi

You have certainly put a lot of effort into creating a very exciting, nuanced, and thought-through agenda. We are living and working in a very interesting environment at this point and I feel you tailor the agenda very well to the current topics of our time.

Dr. Thomas Lanyi
CEO (Singapore) & Head SE Asia & Co-Head Global Cross Border Transactions
CDH Investment Advisory Pte Ltd
Nainesh Jaisingh

The conference is getting bigger and much more well attended with every passing year. What I like about these conferences that DealStreetAsia hosts are that there’s a lot of content packed into each of these discussions, including the content that comes out of the organisers. I like the fact that there are four different tracks. 

Nainesh Jaisingh
Founding Partner & CEO
Affirma Capital
Pinn Lawjindakul

There’s been a lot more about authentic, hard conversations that, we, as an ecosystem should have, should constantly be talking about. So stuff like exit opportunities, governance issues what are the new themes? Are we overinvesting in the region, all of us can have different perspectives. But I think the fact that all these perspectives can be put together in one place so that everyone can hear what others have to say, is a very important role that DealStreetAsia as an ecosystem player can play. 

As a woman, I think it’s a phenomenal turnout, in terms of just overall diversity. I look around me and definitely, I would almost say 30 or 40% of the participants are women, which makes me happy.

Pinn Lawjindakul
Brian Lim

These are really interesting times for Asian private equity. We’ve seen a lot of discussion around China. And it’s been great to be able to talk about some of these topics here. The speaker lineup has been great and has allowed us to take away some topics for further discussion.

I think it’s really important to be well-informed about the trends in the market and how investors generally are allocating their capital. So to be in a room where other institutional investors are present, GPs and LPs is valuable, especially at a time of uncertainty.

Brian Lim
Partner & Head of Asia and Emerging Markets Investment Teams
Pantheon Ventures
Omar Mahmood

I’m amazed at how full the room is. And really the diversity of the people in the room I’ve spent the morning being able to network with other GPs, met a lot of LPs as well here, both existing LPs and prospective LPs, and also just had some really good discussions with some strategics, who are looking to potentially partner with some of our portfolio companies.

Omar Mahmoud
Managing Director
Amit Varma

It’s wonderful to be part of the DealStreetAsia PEVC Summit, as usual, very well organised but I was totally blown away by the number of people that have shown up. Panels have been extremely well organised, running to time and more importantly, the content has been great.

Dr. Amit Varma
Co-founder & Managing Partner
Quadria Capital

Women in tech / VC, Startups / CXOs and Media houses / Journalists can apply for limited passes. DealStreetAsia reserves the right to issue passes at its discretion. Only 1 form can be completed per person, multiple submissions will be deemed invalid.