Elementor #3143



Session I: Fireside chat: The Battle for Southeast Asia

In conversation with Jeffrey Perlman, Managing Director, Head of Southeast Asia, Warburg Pincus


Session-II: How the macro context of private investment has shifted
COVID-19 has altered the world in ways nobody imagined or predicted before. Add to this the global economic slowdown, as a pandemic aftermath, the hostile US-China trade ties, supply chain disruptions, job losses and business shutdowns. How will the alternative asset class reimagine and reset its course and strategies?


Session III: The LP Quarter: The case for South-East Asia
In the post-COVID world, how is the LP community viewing SE Asia. Would they continue to look at the region favourably or hark back to more tried-and-tested markets?


Session IV: Private credit’s day in the sun
In the aftermath of the global pandemic, private credit fundraising and deal-making have come under sharp focus with a growing appetite for this asset class as companies wade through the sharp economic slowdown.


Session V: Private equity braces up for longer exit drought
We will explore the returns expectations and the possible exit options that will play out in the post-pandemic era. How will the stretched exit timeline impact future fundraising and LP-GP terms?


Country focus sessions

In three parallel sessions, we will dive deeper into what makes some countries in the region tick as the most compelling investment destinations. Per DealStreetAsia’s investor sentiment survey, Vietnam stands out thanks to its strong macro fundamentals as also its fastest recovery from COVID-19 economic lockdowns. Vietnam is followed by the largest consumer market in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and the second-largest consumer market in Asia, India.

Session VI: Vietnam: SE Asia’s most resilient and compelling story

Session VII: India: Dry powder waiting for opportunistic pickings

Session VIII: Indonesia: Will PE chase pandemic-proof bets in SE Asia’s largest market


Opening Session

DealStreetAsia – Data Vantage:
The VC-side story in numbers
Our Research & Analytics team will conduct a kick-off session that sets the agenda for the venture capital track. We will showcase our proprietary data on fundraising milestones hit by region-focused funds as well as startup fundraising data across countries and sectors.

Session I | Parallel Tracks

Keynote Presentation:
The Evolving Deep-tech Investment Landscape in Southeast Asia 

  • with Paul Santos, Managing Partner, Wavemaker Partners


Fireside chat with Sequoia Capital
2020 spells the end of vanity metrics and the cash-burn era

  • Abheek Anand, Managing Director, Sequoia Capital
  • Rajan Anandan, Managing Director, Surge and Sequoia Capital India LLP


Session II | Parallel Tracks

VC fundraising trends in SE Asia: How to navigate the bumpy trail?
Southeast Asia-based venture capital firms are in the market to raise $4.97 billion, per our proprietary deal data. In this panel, we will look at the fundraising experiences and bottlenecks faced by fund managers to close their vehicles.

Advantage fintech: Ripe for disruption and consolidation
In this panel we will look at the evolution of the fintech landscape in SE Asia tracking topics such as emergence of major payments upstarts, digital banking, regulatory environment and fundraising trends.


Session III | Parallel Tracks

The road ahead for consumer-focused investors in India and SEA
Consumer-oriented sectors have had to digitalize their businesses to survive the onslaught of the pandemic. As economies rely on domestic consumption themes, will the sector continue to see buyers prioritising “need to have” over “good to have” products and services. In this panel, we will explore how the pandemic has altered consumption patterns and user behaviour.

Sunrise sectors in SE Asia
We will explore sectors that are expected to see traction in terms of consumer acceptance to business viability to venture dollars. For example, mock meat, biotech, electric vehicles, industrial IoT and so on.

Session IV | Parallel Tracks

 Fireside chat: How COVID-19 crisis would alter the course of future of tech 

  • with Alfred Chuang, general partner, Race Capital

Fireside chat: Is the growth spurt in fintech and digital health sectors here to stay?

  • with Jonathan Larsen, Chief Innovation Officer, Ping An Insurance Group & CEO, Global Voyager Fund CEO

Session V | Parallel Tracks

Of tapping M&A and IPO routes: Key takeaways
We will speak to founders who have explored the M&A and IPO routes and capture their perspectives on the journey.

Startup resilience: Stories of survival and grit
We will feature a curated mix of panel comprising founders who survived the startup winter and turbulence the global coronoviraus brought to their businesses. We will learn from them how they pivoted, cut costs, took tough decisions, closed non-core businesses, let go staff, tapped novel financing avenues to stay afloat.


Session VI | Parallel Tracks

India-SE Asia: Cross-border venture investing on the rise?
With several funds looking at broadening their geographic investment scope, we will explore the risk-returns profile of conducting deals across diverse markets, managing differences in valuation, exit timelines and LP expectations.

Valley side view of Asia’s technology ecosystem
In this panel, we will feature Silicon Valley-based investors who will share their perspectives and views on the maturing tech startup environment in the region.


Session VII: Why SE Asia is turning into a safe bet for regional investors

In this panel, we will trace the journey of how Asian and cross-regional funds and corporate VCs are making a beeline for SE Asian startups. Will capital flow closer home in the current global geopolitical context?

Session VIII | Parallel Tracks

Indonesia – Does big market translate to big advantage
Indonesia’s consumer internet plays in payments, e-commerce, edtech and health-tech have seen a marked uptick in adoption with the pandemic altering user behaviour. In this panel, we will look at the road ahead for winners and challengers, outlook on consolidation and fundraising in these sectors.

Vietnam: What makes it tick
Vietnam, the first country in Southeast Asia to lift social and economic lockdowns, ranks the highest among markets that investors are optimistic about in 2020, per DealStreetAsia’s report. In this panel, we will dive into the macro factors and the fastest-growing sectors that are attracting investor interest.