Webinar | 29 July 2021
Is VC funding for women founders getting any better?

Webinar | 29 July 2021
Is VC funding for women founders getting any better?

The idea

While Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystem is booming, it is now impossible to ignore the under-representation of women in the space.

Only 1 out of 5 startups were founded by women in the region. Companies led by women accounted for a mere $1.4 billion out of the total $8.6 billion raised by startups in the region last year. These and many more sobering statistics were revealed in our Data Vantage ‘Women in Startups: Southeast Asia Edition’ report earlier this year.

A similar scenario is playing out globally with Crunchbase recording a decline in funding to all-women founding teams (down to 2.4%), and even to teams with women in a co-founder role (down to 10.3% in 2021). Globally and across the region, all-male teams and founders account for a lion’s share of VC money.

DealStreetAsia has put together a high-powered panel to discuss ways to fix this situation including Martha Sazon, President & CEO, GCash; Rosaline Chow-Koo, Founder & CEO, CXA Group; Roshni Mahtani, Group CEO and Founder, TheAsianParent; and Gail Wong, Angel Investor/Founder, Her Capital.

They will address why the funding gaps exist; the particular challenges that women leaders face, as well as tap into their own experiences on how some of these obstacles may be surmounted.

Sign up to attend and you will receive our ‘Women in Startups: Southeast Asia Edition’ report, which highlights one of the most pressing issues facing the startup ecosystem in Asia today.


Rosaline Chow Koo

Founder and CEO

Roshni Mahtani

Group CEO and Founder

Martha Sazon

President & CEO

Gail Wong

Angel Investor/Founder
Her Capital

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