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Singapore and Hong Kong – the global gateways to Asia – are picking up speed in the race to bring digital assets and blockchain into the mainstream. These hubs, with strong financial infrastructures, no capital controls, and robust public-private partnerships, offer glimpses into the future of digital currencies and payment infrastructures. 

From instant remittances, atomic settlement of financial transactions, tokenised assets as a medium of exchange, and programmability of digital money, both geographies are going all out to enable instant, intelligent, and more efficient cross-border payments and movement of capital. DealStreetAsia, in partnership with Payment Asia, will be hosting a special event on the ‘Future of Money’. 

Join us for a panel session followed by networking drinks on March 7, 2024 @ Mandala Club in Singapore.  

Our panelists will explore the following themes during the panel session: 

  • Despite setbacks, are investors optimistic about Asia’s digital assets? 
  • Are we at the tipping point for tokenisation? 
  • Rise of data localisation, sovereignty, and challenges to cross-border data flows 
  • Digital Trust vs Traditional Banking: Who controls the future of money?
  • Singapore and Hong Kong: The rush to attract family offices 
  • Trusts: Vehicle for investments and wealth transfers

Applications will be accepted on first-come-first-serve basis.

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Openspace Ventures
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Payment Asia
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Hong Kong Money Service Operators Association
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Applications will be accepted on first-come-first-serve basis.