At the live session, Agarwal and Kapur will share insights into weathering the pandemic’s economic impact, and capitalizing on the remote work boom, gained from working with and investing in Fortune 500 and high-growth companies globally.

The webinar will cover:

  • What does the CEO of an investee company expect in a COVID-19 situation?What, in turn, is expected of the CEO by the PE firm.
  • What has worked best for Everstone’s investee companies — some of which like the F&B business would have been very seriously impacted?
  • Where is the growth going to come from? How has the crisis affected the strategies and investment philosophy going forward?
  • How much does technology come into play?
  • Is remote work a temporary, surprise market or a long term outlook and opportunity?


Sudhir Agarwal

Founder and CEO, Everise