Join us as we unpack OYO’s journey from being one of the crown jewels in SoftBank’s portfolio to drawing parallels with the WeWork debacle.

In this webinar, Agarwal will talk about:

  • What OYO would look like in a post-COVID (and post-reorganisation) world
  • Its handling of layoffs/furloughs affecting thousands of employees
  • Global expansion plans, especially in China, SE Asia, Japan, Europe, and the US
  • Some have called OYO a Ponzi scheme of ambitions. How much of its whirlwind global expansion was inspired by the pursuit of a higher valuation?
  • Going forward, what does SoftBank bring to the table for OYO?
  • On comparisons with WeWork and why it thinks its fate can be different
  • Does OYO need a professional CEO?


Ritesh Agarwal

Founder & CEO,