Market Sentiment Update:

What Q1 2022 can tell us about the second half of the year & beyond

19 May 2022, 2:00 pm SGT

According to data from the Deals Barometer, startups in China and India have raised over $12 billion in Q1 2022, and in Southeast Asia, the figure stands north of $5 billion. 

A harbinger of another great year or the lingering effects of an unusually buoyant 2021? It helps to remember that last year was the best ever so far for large parts of Asia: with China raising $87.4 billion, India raising $46 billion and Southeast Asia raising $25.7 billion.

However, even as the threat of the pandemic recedes, other risk factors are emerging: prominent among them being rising inflation, the discouraging post-IPO performance of many Asian startups, SPACs finding fewer takers, and geopolitical uncertainties. 

What will the dominant themes be through the rest of 2022 and beyond; what is the outlook on listing; will the desire to remain private for longer result in an uptick in M&A activity, and with the era of big easy money believed to be drawing to a close, how does this affect fundraising? 

These are just some of the subjects that we will be addressing in DealStreetAsia’s next webinar scheduled for 2 pm SGT on May 19, 2022 ‘Market Sentiment Update: What Q1 of 2022 can tell us about the second half of the year and beyond’. 

DealStreetAsia will present perspectives from private capital investors and professionals connected to the world of dealmaking to offer a data-driven view of the opportunities, and how canny investors and startups can navigate the pitfalls that almost certainly lie ahead.  

The webinar is organised by DealStreetAsia and sponsored by DFIN. 


Conrad Tsang

Founder and Chairman Strategic Year Holdings Limited

Rishika Chandan

Managing Director
Venturi Partners

Dimitra Taslim

GGV Capital

Peter McMillan

Managing Director and Head of Sales, APAC
Donnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN)

Joji Thomas Philip

Founder & Editor-in-Chief
DealStreetAsia (moderator)

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Our attendees

Conrad Tsang

Rishika Chandan

Dimitra Taslim

Peter McMillan

Joji Philip