Value creation through value-addition and ‘consumers-first’ investment strategy

Fireside chat with Sunata Tjiterosampurno, Co-CIO and member of the investment committee, Northstar Group
Northstar Group, which recently closed its fifth fund at $590 million, is stepping up focus on the broad-based consumer theme, financial services and digital economy sectors that are witnessing accelerated digital adoption in SE Asia. “We want to be part of the consumers-first market consumption story for Indonesia,” according to Northstar.

Northstar, which started investing in the digital space with Gojek, has backed Bank BTPN, Alfamart, Thai Credit Retail Bank, APAC Realty, Indomaret, Bunda Medical Group, TiKi and Bank Jago, among others. Since its founding in 2003, the Northstar Group has raised five private equity funds and invested in more than 35 companies. The Northstar Group has invested over $3.3 billion with its co-investors in SE Asia.

Sunata Tjiterosampurno, the co-chief investment officer and a member of the investment committee, will take us through the investment approaches, opportunities in Indonesia’s over-riding consumption theme and Northstar’s strategy of value creation by providing more than just capital.