The financial inclusion opportunity in the digitalisation of MSMEs

  • Eddi Danusaputro, Chief Executive Officer, Mandiri Capital Indonesia
  • Aldi Haryopratomo, Board of Commissioner Halodoc, Efishery, Mapan
  • Pandu Sjahrir, Chairman of The Indonesian Fintech Association (AFTECH)
  • Wibawa Prasetyawan, Acting Chief Executive Officer, LinkAja

Unorganised trade still dominates the retail landscape across Southeast Asia. According to Euromonitor, it is a significant driver of employment, engaging 27.8% of the population in the region.

Indonesia is no exception with a significant number of MSMEs that have traditionally been family run setups.

The sharp uptick in digitalisation, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic is transforming these businesses. Digital financial services offer MSMEs an unprecedented opportunity to iron out inefficiencies in supply chains, as well as access to value added services in areas like accounting and credit.

However, the space is fiercely competitive. New fintech firms are taking on incumbents trying to expand and protect their existing business relationships. 

The panel will discuss some of the factors that have driven the growth of the digital financial services space, the role these services play in opening up opportunities for MSMEs, as well as highlighting some of the key challenges, and how they are being addressed.

Consisting of a mix of stakeholders, the panel will highlight the impact these services have made on financial inclusion. Topics that will be addressed will include the partnerships that need to be forged to make digital financial services live up to their true potential; the innovative approaches needed to increase the ease of use and use cases; and finally, what it takes to create a competitive, preferred and widely adopted product that addresses and anticipates the needs of the MSME sector.