Taking AI out of science labs and creating scalable models

With Ashwini Asokan, CEO & co-founder, Mad Street Den

As CEO & co-founder of computer vision and AI company Mad Street Den, Ashwini Asokan believes in building models that can help millions of people across the globe to become AI natives. The company’s first vertical, Vue.ai, helps the retail industry reimagine and automate workflows while its platform Blox.ai powers businesses across education, healthcare, finance, and entertainment.

Mad Street Den’s backers include Sequoia Capital, Exfinity Ventures, KDDI – Global Brain Japan, and Rocketship VC. Ashokan, who returned to India in 2013 from the US after an 8-year stint with Intel, will talk about her journey, including launching Vue.ai after three years of deep research, and what it takes to scale a SaaS company.

Apart from AI-led revenue growth, process efficiency and revenue/performance marketing, we will also be asking her about hiring and talent, fundraising and valuations, as well as the gender imbalances prevailing in the tech and the startup ecosystems. Asokan strongly believes that diversity is essential and has enforced a 50-50 gender policy at Mad Street Den.