Nir Arbel

Dr. Nir Arbel is currently the Operating Partner for ESCO Ventures as well as the Co-founder and CEO of Carmentix. Nir has been active in the Medtech startup scene for 10 years and has developed products in multiple companies towards clinical stage in both the pharmaceutical and diagnostics sectors.  In capacity of ESCO Ventures Nir has managed the deal flow generating multiple key investments in medical devices. Additionally, Nir has actively setup a life science wet-lab incubator connecting scientists with business advisors to generate venture created companies in key clinical unmet needs. In the capacity of Carmentix, a company focused on identifying women with a high-risk pregnancy (primarily premature birth), Nir has led the efforts to a viable product form discovery to the clinic within 4 years. Nir holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Ben-Gurion in the Negev, Israel in which his research was licensed to a cancer therapy company.