Mental health concerns take centre stage in pandemic aftermath

Theodoric Chew, CEO and Co-founder, Intellect
Gita Sjahrir, Co-founder and CEO, RFitness

Khailee Ng, Global Managing Partner, 500 Global
Hian Goh, Founder, General Partner, OpenSpace (Moderator)

Apart from the grave loss of lives and livelihoods across the world, the pandemic brought to the forefront social isolation, mental distress on account of punishing remote working schedule, career, job and financial uncertainty, fear, anxiety, screen fatigue and a whole range of issues millions of people grappled with.

As conversations around mental health issues become mainstream and more and more people seek support, new digital platforms have emerged to address what was once a taboo subject. Mental health-focused digital platforms have been attracting funding, in what is seen as a sign of acceptance for solutions such as online consultations and diagnosis, counselling, coaching, among others.

At the same time, the startup ecosystem has been feeling the pressure as founders and key stakeholders grapple with a range of issues from FOMO to the stress around building a successful venture to fundraising to meeting employee expectations, achieving work-life-health balance and having to take tough calls such as layoffs or business closures, among others.

We have a diverse mix of panelists who will share their candid thoughts and perspectives on some of these challenges.

Our first panelist is Singapore-based mental health startup Intellect CEO and co-founder Theodoric Chew. Intellect recently raised $10 million in a Series A round led by New York-based venture capital firm HOF Capital. Founded in 2019, Intellect claims to have over 3 million users across 20 countries.

Our second panelist is Gita Sjahrir, co-founder and CEO of RFitness, Indonesia’s largest boutique fitness brand. She began a fitness community in 2015 after wanting an inclusive, equitable and non-judgmental space for those who exercise for the joy of movement, and not to achieve a societal standard of beauty.

From the investors’ perspective, we have 500 Global’s Khailee Ng and Openspace founder and general partner Hian Goh, who will steer this vital conversation.