LP allocations and bias to Asia: What has changed?

With Sunil Mishra, Partner, Primary Investments, Adams Street Partners

Hemal Mirani, Managing Director, HarbourVest Partners

As exit timelines for private equity portfolios in Asia stretch longer particularly in the post-COVID context, the region is fast turning into a play for patient capital and longer-tenure investments. In this panel, we will explore themes such as portfolio adjustments, valuation trends, rebalancing and weighing of short and long-term risks of exposure to the region, under-invested sectors and overhang of tech deals.

We feature Adams Street Partners’s Sunil Mishra who specialises in fund selection, due diligence, negotiations, and monitoring of Asian investments ex-China, specifically in India, Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Korea. He sits on advisory boards of more than a dozen private equity firms within the Adams Street Partners portfolio. Adams Street manages $45 billion of assets across our primary, secondary, growth equity, credit, and co-investment strategies.

Hemal Mirani rejoined HarbourVest’s senior management team in Asia in 2015 to focus on investments and investor relations across the Asia Pacific region. Boston-based HarbourVest Partners is bullish on Southeast Asia from the opportunity lens of consumer tech, software and healthcare sectors, aided by favourable macro drivers, demographics and urbanisation trends.  HarbourVest recently announced the opening of its office in Singapore, expanding its footprint to 11 locations worldwide. Besides Singapore, Mirani oversees the firm’s operations and strategy for Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo. 

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