Agung Nugroho

Agung  Nugroho  is  the Head of GrabKios,  formerly known as Kudo, Indonesia’s leading  technology  platform  with  largest  agent network, focused on empowering traditional  retailers  (warungs).  Previously,  he served as Kudo’s CEO and Co-Founder. Under  his  leadership,  GrabKios  has  empowered more than 2.6 million partners spans  across  500+  cities,  remote  towns  and rural areas in Indonesia.

Prior to co-founded Kudo, he has 5 years experience of working at the Boston Consulting Group based in South East Asia. Agung collaborated with clients from around the world in numerous industries including product, banking, telecommunication and infrastructure. He  is  widely  involved  in  strategy  development,  product  launch  and  transformation  of  both national and multinational companies. Moreover, he has worked with the Indonesian government, and led the master plan project in developing Indonesia’s infrastructure. He also  has  strong  ties  with  the  entrepreneur community in Indonesia through his role in  fund investment programmes.

Agung  earned  his  cum  laude  bachelor’s  degree  in  chemical  engineering  from  Institut  Teknologi Bandung (ITB) and has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Haas School of Business, Berkeley.