Introducing the Warung Tech Index: A data-driven view on the digital journey of traditional trade in Indonesia

Howard Gani, CEO, Mitra Bukalapak 

Khailee Ng, Global Managing Partner, 500 Global

To capture the impact of the digitalisation of mom and pop stores in Indonesia, DealStreetAsia is creating the Warung Tech Index. The index will capture the digitisation journey of the warungs as well as gauge the opportunities and challenges of the road ahead, and whether models developed for one market can more efficiently address the challenges of similar markets across the region.

The session will include an introduction of the keynote findings of the Warung Tech index, followed by a discussion on the digitalisation of warungs involving Howard Gani, CEO of Buka Mitra Indonesia and Khailee Ng, Global Managing Partner at 500 Global. Aspects that will bec covered will include the current ecosystem that warungs operate in, the private investments powering the transformation so far; some of the notable results; as well as lessons learnt and refinements introduced to warung tech.