With Fernanda Lim, Partner, LeapFrog Investments

Tan Shao Ming, Managing Director, ABC World Asia

Saima Rehman, Investment Officer, Private Equity & Funds, IFC

The private market for impact investing has grown as much as $2.1 trillion last year, according to IFC estimates. In 2019 alone, private capital firms raised more than $76 billion in funds with an impact mandate. Still more funds are to come: Canada’s Brookfield Asset Management is in the market to raise as much as $12.5 billion for its new impact investment fund. Yet, according to IFC, only a quarter of the market is clearly measured for financial and development impact.

As interest in investing for impact continues to grow, driven by evolving investor profiles and clear development needs, how is the industry set for sustainable growth? What are the implications of the influx in capital? What drives real returns in impact investments?

The panel brings together seasoned investors focused on impact in Asia, to discuss measurable impact investing. Joining us from IFC is Saima Rehman, who brings 17 years of investment experience across South Asia, and East Asia Pacific. Also on the panel is Fernanda Lima from LeapFrog Investments, which has raised more than $2 billion across four private equity funds from institutional investors, including from Singapore state investor Temasek.

The UK-headquartered private equity firm drives impact through its investments in high-growth financial services and healthcare companies in emerging markets. Its latest investments include leading a $54 million funding round in PasarPolis, the Indonesian insurtech company; and a $55 million round into India’s MedGenome, a genetic diagnostics company.

ABC World Asia’s Tan Shao Ming drives investments at the PE fund, which raised S$385 million in 2019 to target companies in China, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. The fund focuses on financial and digital inclusion; health and education; climate and water solutions; sustainable food and agriculture; and smart and liveable cities.