How tech investments can blend social impact and financial returns

With John Colombo, Indonesia Country Manager, Clime Capital
Dondi Hananto, Partner, Patamar Capital

Tanah Sullivan, Group Head of Sustainability, GoTo
With climate change concerns and ESG-based investment principles gaining ground, risk capital investors and enterprises are realising that a focus on impact and sustainability can generate returns in the long run. 

In this panel, we look at the impact investment opportunities and sustainable business practises in Indonesia, the risk-return profile for such bets, the metrics to determine social impact, and how large companies are embracing ESG principles.

We feature Singapore-based Clime Capital that is raising a $50-million vehicle – the Southeast Asia Clean Energy Facility (SEACEF). Clime Capital, which manages SECAF, makes early-stage development capital investments in innovative, high-impact clean energy projects and businesses in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Our speaker John Colombo, who represents Clime Capital for investments in Indonesia, brings extensive experience in the power generation and mobility sectors.

Our second speaker is GoTo’s Tanah Sullivan who leads the firm’s ESG efforts across Gojek, GoTo Financial and Tokopedia. Before GoTo, Tanah was at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, where she led partnerships for a range of sustainability-focused initiatives in ASEAN and globally. We will quiz Tanah Sullivan on the company’s ESG goals, the scope and potential for electric vehicles in SE Asia, and also e-payment services as it helps financial inclusion.

We also feature Patamar Capital which invests in early-stage companies building sector-defining platforms. Patamar believes that technology will be key to unlocking economic opportunities for individuals and small businesses in emerging economies. Our panelist Dondi Hananto joined Patamar Capital in 2014 as the firm’s representative in Indonesia. Besides being an active practitioner of impact investing, Dondi also serves on the board of UnLtd Indonesia, an incubator for social enterprise in Indonesia.