DTC brands coming of age in Indonesia

With Duri Granziol, CEO, Mama’s Choice
Billy Kurniawan, Founder, Jiwa Group
Jeffrey Yuwono, Founder & CEO, Open Labs

With at least 14 million out of 64 million micro, small, medium enterprises in Indonesia entering the e-commerce space, the online consumer is spoilt for choice. Add favourable demographics, 280-million strong population, digital adoption and buying, the case for growth of direct to consumer brands becomes stronger. As these brands gain user traction, Indonesia is seeing several models emerging cutting across categories with this sector fast grabbing investor interest and capital.

To discuss the opportunities and challenges in the DTC market in Indonesia, we feature two venture-backed startups – theParentInc’s D2C brand Mama’s Choice & Jiwa Group – operating in fast-growing consumption categories and brand aggregator Open Labs.

Duri Granziol, co-founder and CEO of Mama’s Choice, led the brand from its inception in 2019 to its current position as leader in the category in several countries in SE Asia. Mama’s Choice is part of the theParentInc whose flagship brand is content and community platform theAsiaparent.

Meanwhile, JIWA Group, Indonesia’s tech-enabled F&B company, has raised capital from Openspace and Capsquare Asia Partners. Since its launch in 2018, JIWA has expanded to 3 brands (Kopi Janji Jiwa, Jiwa Toast, and Jiwa Tea) across almost 1,000 outlets serving 50+ products in 100+ cities in Indonesia.

Open Labs, which recently launched a $100-million fund to back D2C brands, intends to buy 51% stake in local companies allowing founders to have a role in the brand’s development. It is touted as the biggest fund among other brand aggregators in SE Asia.

Mama’s Choice CEO Duri Granziol,  Jiwa Group founder Billy Kurniawan and Open Labs founder Jeffrey Yuwono will take us through their journey and learnings on building and backing successful DTC brands out of Indonesia.